Independent Property Managers' Association

Phone: 022 199 7283


About Us

The Association was launched in Canterbury in 2003 and now has Members from all around New Zealand. The IPMA aims to have branches of the Association throughout New Zealand as membership numbers in other areas increase.

The NZ Property Investors' Federation invited the IPMA to be come affiliated to the NZPIF and now regularly consults with the IPMA on matters relating to property management. 

President - Usha Ganda

Vice President - Iona Wilson

Treasurer - Ann Evans


Back Row: Nigel Wilson, Mark Wilson, Robert Webster, Martin Evans

Front Row: Ann Evans, Iona Wilson, Usha Ganda-Wilson (not-present Chris Uren & Julie Priddy).

What You Should Look for in a Property Manager?

Do they:

  • Belong to a supporting organization in the industry?
  • Have  a proven track record in property management?
  • Have referees you can contact?
  • Invest  in property themselves?
  • Supply all the information you may require about their company and their services up front?
  • Give at least monthly detailed statements to owners?
  • Hold public liability insurance?
  • Have a no-tolerance for rent arrears policy?
  • Adhere to the RTA?
  • Operate a separate account for rents received?
  • Have no criminal history themselves or their staff?
  • Keep up with law and market changes ?
  • Have a reliable accounting system and have processes already set up?
  • Do regular property inspections and organise maintenance as required?
  • Act in a professional manner at all times?


The IPMA Code of Ethics

The primary obligation of  membership of the Independent Property Manager's Association of New Zealand is the ethical practice of property management.

This code sets out the ethics that guide the decisions and actions of members:

  1. At all times members of the IPMA will act with professionalism, honesty and integrity, ensuring that their actions do not bring the profession into disrepute.
  2. Members will do their utmost to ensure staff and/or contractors adhere to the ethics of the Association when carrying out work on behalf of clients.
  3. Members shall avoid deceptive practices.
  4. Members will avoid or disclose any conflicts of interest to clients.
  5. Members shall provide independent and objective advice to clients at all times and wil not be influenced or affected by external influences.
  6. Members shall respect the confidentiality of clients at all times and adhere to all privacy requirements relating to the receipt of information.
  7. Members shall ensure that all clients have a realistic expectation of services provided prior to accepting contracts.